For detailed schedule, please click on the corresponding weekday title on the table below or click here for the full program.
The opening, all plenary talks, the special session, and all left sessions in the detailed schedule will be given at Room Celeste.
All the right sessions will be given at Room Safira.

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Short Program

9:30-10:30Maya SteinIgnasi SauApproximation algorithmsGraph classes and recognitionSebastian CioabăGraph classes IIEdge and total colorings II
10:50-11:00Decomposition, minors and immersions
Colorings I
Poly-time and FPT AlgorithmsClassification and meta-heuristicsSpectral graph theory
11:00-11:35Fabio Protti
11:35-12:00Free time
12:00-12:05Free time
12:05-12:30Free time
14:30-15:30Mario Valencia-PabonCristina FernandesFree afternoonVilmar Trevisan
15:30-16:00DominationDigraphs - partitions and avoidabilityDistances in graphsGraph convexityOptimization IColorings II
16:00-16:30Coffee + Snacks
16:30-16:45Bus organization
16:45-17:00Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
17:00-17:15Excursion + Dinner
17:15-18:00Edge and total colorings IExtremal combinatoricsFree timeKaren Aardal
18:00-18:15Forró Lesson
18:15-18:30Optimization IIIdentifying codes and locating dominating sets
18:30-19:00Special session in honor of Frédéric Maffray
19:00-19:30Free time + Dinner
19:30-20:30Cocktail ReceptionConference Dinner + Dancing Presentation
20:30Forró Party