Program - Wednesday

Session Approximation algorithms - Chair: Lehilton PedrosaGraph classes and recognition - Chair: Liliana Alcón
9:30-9:55 Alexsandro Alexandrino, Guilherme Miranda, Carla Lintzmayer and Zanoni Dias: Approximation Algorithms for Sorting Permutations by Length-Weighted Short RearrangementsJesse Beisegel, Carolin Denkert, Ekkehard Köhler, Matjaž Krnc, Nevena Pivač, Robert Scheffler and Martin Strehler: Recognizing Graph Search Trees
9:55-10:20Breno Piva: Approximations for Restrictions of The Budgeted and Generalized Maximum Coverage ProblemsSimone Dantas, Celina de Figueiredo, Priscila Petito and Rafael B. Teixeira: A general method for forbidden induced sandwich problem NP-completeness
10:20-10:45Eduardo Laber and Lucas Murtinho: Minimization of Gini impurity: NP-completeness and approximation algorithm via connections with the k-means problemLívia Medeiros, Fabiano Oliveira and Jayme Szwarcfiter: Two problems on interval counting
10:45-11:10Mauro da Silva, Rafael Schouery and Lehilton Pedrosa: A polynomial-time approximation scheme for the MAXSPACE advertisement problemSylvain Legay and Leandro Montero: On the Iterated Edge-Biclique Operator
11:10-11:35Carla Lintzmayer, Flávio Miyazawa, Phablo Moura and Eduardo Xavier: Quasilinear approximation scheme for Steiner Multi Cycle in the Euclidean planeFábio Botler, Cristina G. Fernandes and Juan Gutiérrez: On Tuza’s conjecture for triangulations and graphs with small treewidth
11:35-12:30Free time
14:30-16:00Free afternoon
16:00-16:30Coffee + Snacks
16:30-17:00Bus organization
17:00-23:00Excursion + Dinner