Program - Monday

9:30-10:30Maya Stein - Chair: Martín Safe
SessionDecomposition, minors and immersions - Chair: Guilherme MotaColorings I - Chair: Júlio Araújo
10:50-11:15Fábio Botler, Maycon Sambinelli and Rafael Cano: On computing the path number of a graphEurinardo Costa, Victor Lage Pessoa, Rudini Sampaio and Ronan Pardo Soares: PSPACE-hardness of two graph coloring games
11:15-11:40Carla Negri Lintzmayer, Guilherme Oliveira Mota and Maycon Sambinelli: Decomposing split graphs into locally irregular graphsAna Luísa Furtado, Simone Dantas, Celina Figueiredo and Sylvain Gravier: The Game Chromatic Number of Caterpillars
11:40-12:05 Andrea Jimenez and Tina Janne Schmidt: Deciding whether a Grid is a Topological Subgraph of a Planar Graph is NP-CompleteYingjun Dai, Angele Foley and Chinh Hoang: On coloring a class of claw-free graphs
12:05-12:30Sebastian Bustamante, Daniel Quiroz, Maya Stein and Jose Zamora: Large immersions in graphs with independence number 3 and 4Allen Ibiapina and Ana Silva: Graphs with girth at least 8 are b-continuous
14:30-15:30Mario Valencia-Pabon - Chair: Guillermo Durán
SessionDomination - Chair: Rafael SchoueryDigraphs - partitions and avoidability - Chair: Jose Zamora
15:30-15:55Valeria Alejandra Leoni, María Patricia Dobson and María Inés Lopez Pujato: Tuple domination on graphs with the consecutive-zeros propertyFrançois Dross and Frederic Havet: On the unavoidability of oriented trees
15:55-16:20Carlos Hoppen and Giovane Mansan: Total domination in regular graphsLucas Yoshimura, Maycon Sambinelli, Cândida Nunes Da Silva and Orlando Lee: Linial's Conjecture for Arc-spine Digraphs
16:20-16:45Valentin Gledel, Vesna Iršič and Sandi Klavžar: Fast winning strategies for the Maker-Breaker domination gameRichard Mycroft and Tássio Naia: Spanning trees of dense directed graphs
16:45-17:15Coffee Break
SessionEdge and total colorings I - Chair: Ana SilvaExtremal combinatorics - Chair: Rudini Sampaio
17:15-17:40Márcia Cerioli, Cristina Fernandes, Orlando Lee, Carla Lintzmayer, Guilherme Mota and Cândida Nunes Da Silva: On edge-magic labelings of forestsGabriel Barros, Bruno Cavalar, Guilherme Mota and Olaf Parczyk: Anti-Ramsey threshold of cycles for sparse graphs
17:40-18:05João Pedro Bernardi, Murilo Silva, André Guedes and Leandro Zatesko: The Chromatic Index of Proper Circular Arc Graphs of Odd Maximum Degree which are ChordalCarlos Hoppen, Guilherme Mota, Roberto Parente and Cristiane Sato: Counting sparse k-edge-connected hypergraphs with given number of vertices and edges
18:05-18:30Rodrigo Marinho, Simone Dantas and Jose Alvarado: On the adjacent-vertex-distinguishing total colouring of powers of cycles, hypercubes and lattice graphs
18:30-19:30Special session in honor of Frédéric Maffray - Chair: Claudia Linhares. With recollections by Celina de Figueiredo and Chinh Hoang