Program - Friday

SessionGraph classes II - Chair: Luciano GrippoEdge and total colorings II - Chair: Diana Sasaki
9:30-9:55Liliana Alcón, Marisa Gutierrez and Martin Milanič: A characterization of claw-free CIS graphs and new results on the order of CIS graphsAlesom Zorzi, Celina de Figueiredo, Raphael Machado and Uéverton S. Souza: Even-power of cycles with many vertices are Type 1 total colorable
9:55-10:20Fabricio Kolberg, André Guedes and Marina Groshaus: Subclasses of Circular-Arc Bigraphs: Helly, Normal and ProperAnderson G. da Silva, Simone Dantas and Diana Sasaki: Equitable total chromatic number of $K_{r\times p}$ for $p$ even
10:20-10:45Pablo De Caria: Families of induced trees and their intersection graphsCarlos Hoppen and Hanno Lefmann: Remarks on an edge-coloring problem
11:00-12:00Fabio Protti - Chair: Carlos Ferreira
12:00-12:30Free time