Program - Monday

9:30-10:30Maya Stein - Chair: Martín Safe
SessionDecomposition, minors and immersions - Chair: Guilherme MotaColorings I - Chair: Júlio Araújo
10:50-11:15Fábio Botler, Maycon Sambinelli and Rafael Cano: On computing the path number of a graphEurinardo Costa, Victor Lage Pessoa, Rudini Sampaio and Ronan Pardo Soares: PSPACE-hardness of two graph coloring games
11:15-11:40Carla Negri Lintzmayer, Guilherme Oliveira Mota and Maycon Sambinelli: Decomposing split graphs into locally irregular graphsAna Luísa Furtado, Simone Dantas, Celina Figueiredo and Sylvain Gravier: The Game Chromatic Number of Caterpillars
11:40-12:05 Andrea Jimenez and Tina Janne Schmidt: Deciding whether a Grid is a Topological Subgraph of a Planar Graph is NP-CompleteYingjun Dai, Angele Foley and Chinh Hoang: On coloring a class of claw-free graphs
12:05-12:30Sebastian Bustamante, Daniel Quiroz, Maya Stein and Jose Zamora: Large immersions in graphs with independence number 3 and 4Allen Ibiapina and Ana Silva: Graphs with girth at least 8 are b-continuous
14:30-15:30Mario Valencia-Pabon - Chair: Guillermo Durán
SessionDomination - Chair: Rafael SchoueryDigraphs - partitions and avoidability - Chair: Jose Zamora
15:30-15:55Valeria Alejandra Leoni, María Patricia Dobson and María Inés Lopez Pujato: Tuple domination on graphs with the consecutive-zeros propertyFrançois Dross and Frederic Havet: On the unavoidability of oriented trees
15:55-16:20Carlos Hoppen and Giovane Mansan: Total domination in regular graphsLucas Yoshimura, Maycon Sambinelli, Cândida Nunes Da Silva and Orlando Lee: Linial's Conjecture for Arc-spine Digraphs
16:20-16:45Valentin Gledel, Vesna Iršič and Sandi Klavžar: Fast winning strategies for the Maker-Breaker domination gameRichard Mycroft and Tássio Naia: Spanning trees of dense directed graphs
16:45-17:15Coffee Break
SessionEdge and total colorings I - Chair: Ana SilvaExtremal combinatorics - Chair: Rudini Sampaio
17:15-17:40Márcia Cerioli, Cristina Fernandes, Orlando Lee, Carla Lintzmayer, Guilherme Mota and Cândida Nunes Da Silva: On edge-magic labelings of forestsGabriel Barros, Bruno Cavalar, Guilherme Mota and Olaf Parczyk: Anti-Ramsey threshold of cycles for sparse graphs
17:40-18:05João Pedro Bernardi, Murilo Silva, André Guedes and Leandro Zatesko: The Chromatic Index of Proper Circular Arc Graphs of Odd Maximum Degree which are ChordalCarlos Hoppen, Guilherme Mota, Roberto Parente and Cristiane Sato: Counting sparse k-edge-connected hypergraphs with given number of vertices and edges
18:05-18:30Rodrigo Marinho, Simone Dantas and Jose Alvarado: On the adjacent-vertex-distinguishing total colouring of powers of cycles, hypercubes and lattice graphs
18:30-19:30Special session in honor of Frédéric Maffray - Chair: Claudia Linhares. With recollections by Celina de Figueiredo and Chinh Hoang

Program - Tuesday

9:30-10:30Ignasi Sau - Chair: Vinicius dos Santos
SessionPoly-time and FPT Algorithms - Chair: Ana Karolinna Maia
10:50-11:15Farnaz Sheikhi and Ali Mohades: Maximum Separability by L-shapes
11:15-11:40Farley Soares Oliveira, Hidefumi Hiraishi and Hiroshi Imai: FPT Algorithms to Enumerate and Count Acyclic and Totally Cyclic Orientations
11:40-12:05Victor Campos, Raul Lopes, Ana Karolinna Maia and Ignasi Sau: Adapting The Directed Grid Theorem into an FPT Algorithm
12:05-12:30Free time
14:30-15:30Cristina Fernandes - Chair: Gabriel Coutinho
SessionDistances in graphs - Chair: Sulamita KleinGraph convexity - Chair: Uéverton Souza
15:30-15:55Léo Planche, Etienne Birmele and Fabien De Montgolfier: On the Minimum Eccentricity Isometric Cycle ProblemPedro Arraes and Júlio Araújo: Hull and geodetic numbers for some classes of oriented graphs
15:55-16:20Fernanda Couto and Luis Cunha: Hardness and efficiency on minimizing maximum distances for graphs with few $P_4$'s and (k,l)-graphsMoisés Teles Carvalho, Simone Dantas, Mitre Costa Dourado, Daniel Fabio Domingues Posner and Jayme Luiz Szwarcfiter: On the computational complexity of the Helly number in the $P_3$ and related convexities
16:20-16:45Julien Bensmail, Fionn Mc Inerney and Nicolas Nisse: Metric Dimension: from Graphs to Oriented GraphsMárcia R. Cappelle, Erika M. M. Coelho, Hebert Coelho, Braully R. Silva, Fábio Protti, Uéverton S. Souza: $P_3$-Hull number of graphs with diameter two
16:45-17:15Coffee Break
17:15-18:00Free time
18:00-19:00Forró Lesson - Teachers: Luiza Bispo and Isabel Loyola
19:00-20:30Free time + Dinner
20:30Forró Party - Trio Bem-te-Quero

Program - Wednesday

Session Approximation algorithms - Chair: Lehilton PedrosaGraph classes and recognition - Chair: Liliana Alcón
9:30-9:55 Alexsandro Alexandrino, Guilherme Miranda, Carla Lintzmayer and Zanoni Dias: Approximation Algorithms for Sorting Permutations by Length-Weighted Short RearrangementsJesse Beisegel, Carolin Denkert, Ekkehard Köhler, Matjaž Krnc, Nevena Pivač, Robert Scheffler and Martin Strehler: Recognizing Graph Search Trees
9:55-10:20Breno Piva: Approximations for Restrictions of The Budgeted and Generalized Maximum Coverage ProblemsSimone Dantas, Celina de Figueiredo, Priscila Petito and Rafael B. Teixeira: A general method for forbidden induced sandwich problem NP-completeness
10:20-10:45Eduardo Laber and Lucas Murtinho: Minimization of Gini impurity: NP-completeness and approximation algorithm via connections with the k-means problemLívia Medeiros, Fabiano Oliveira and Jayme Szwarcfiter: Two problems on interval counting
10:45-11:10Mauro da Silva, Rafael Schouery and Lehilton Pedrosa: A polynomial-time approximation scheme for the MAXSPACE advertisement problemSylvain Legay and Leandro Montero: On the Iterated Edge-Biclique Operator
11:10-11:35Carla Lintzmayer, Flávio Miyazawa, Phablo Moura and Eduardo Xavier: Quasilinear approximation scheme for Steiner Multi Cycle in the Euclidean planeFábio Botler, Cristina G. Fernandes and Juan Gutiérrez: On Tuza’s conjecture for triangulations and graphs with small treewidth
11:35-12:30Free time
14:30-16:00Free afternoon
16:00-16:30Coffee + Snacks
16:30-17:00Bus organization
17:00-23:00Excursion + Dinner

Program - Thursday

9:30-10:30Sebastian Cioabă - Chair: Gabriel Coutinho
SessionClassification and meta-heuristics - Chair: Thiago NoronhaSpectral graph theory - Chair: Nair Abreu
10:50-11:15Ricardo Corrêa, Manuela Blaum, Javier Marenco, Ivo Koch and Marcelo Mydlarz: An integer programming approach for the 2-class single-group classification problemEzequiel Dratman, Luciano N. Grippo, Martín D. Safe, Celso M. Da Silva Jr. and Renata R. Del-Vecchio: Computing the determinant of the distance matrix of a bicyclic graph
11:15-11:40Paulo Henrique Macêdo De Araújo, Manoel Campêlo, Ricardo C. Corrêa and Martine Labbé: The Geodesic Classification Problem on GraphsMarcel de Carli Silva, Gabriel Coutinho, Chris Godsil and David Roberson: Algebras, graphs and thetas
11:40-12:05Ana Paula dos Santos Dantas, Cid Carvalho de Souza and Zanoni Dias: A GRASP for the Convex Recoloring Problem in GraphsAndre Ebling Brondani, Carla Silva Oliveira, Francisca Andrea Macedo França and Leonardo De Lima: Aα-Spectrum of a firefly Graph
12:05-12:30Alexandre Frias Faria, Sergio Ricardo De Souza, Elisangela Martins de Sá and Carlos Alexandre Silva: Variable Neighborhood Descent Branching applied to the Multi-Way Number Partitioning ProblemGabriel Coutinho, Rafael Grandsire and Célio Passos: Colouring the normalized Laplacian
14:30-15:30Vilmar Trevisan - Chair: Carlos Hoppen
SessionOptimization I - Manoel CampêloColorings II - Chair: Chinh Hoang
15:30-15:55Ivo Koch and Javier Marenco: The 2D subarray polytopeC. A. Weffort-Santos, C. N. Campos and R. C. S. Schouery: On the complexity of gap-[2]-vertex-labellings of subcubic bipartite graphs
15:55-16:20Mónica Braga and Javier Marenco: Facet-generating procedures for the maximum-impact coloring polytopeCamila Araujo, Julio Araujo, Ana Silva and Alexandre Cezar: Backbone Coloring of Graphs with Galaxy Backbones
16:20-16:45Silvia Bianchi, Graciela Nasini, Paola Tolomei and Luis M Torres: Circuits and circulant minorsLuis Gustavo Da Soledade Gonzaga and Sheila Morais de Almeida: Sigma Coloring on Powers of Paths and Some Families of Snarks
16:45-17:15Coffee Break
17:15-18:15Karen Aardal - Chair: Sebastián Urrutia
SessionOptimization II - Chair: Ivo KochIdentifying codes and locating dominating sets - Chair: Fernanda Couto
18:15-18:40Fabio Abe, Edna Hoshino, Alessandro Hill and Roberto Baldacci: A branch-and-price algorithm for the ring tree facility location problemMárcia Cappelle, Erika Morais Martins Coelho, Leslie Foulds and Humberto Longo: Open-independent, open-locating-dominating sets in complementary prism graphs
18:40-19:05Mauro Lucci, Graciela Nasini and Daniel Severin: A Branch and Price Algorithm for List Coloring ProblemSilvia Bianchi, Gabriela Argiroffo, Yanina Lucarini and Annegret Wagler: The identifying code, the locating-dominating, the open locating-dominating and the locating total-dominating problems under some graph operations
19:05-19:30Luiz Alberto Do Carmo Viana and Manoel Campelo: The Generalized Dependency Constrained Spanning Tree ProblemMárcia Cappelle, Erika Coelho, Hebert Coelho, Lucia Penso and Dieter Rautenbach: Identifying Codes in the Complementary Prism of Cycles
19:30Conference Dinner + Dancing Presentation: Quadrilha Jiló com Mel

Program - Friday

SessionGraph classes II - Chair: Luciano GrippoEdge and total colorings II - Chair: Diana Sasaki
9:30-9:55Liliana Alcón, Marisa Gutierrez and Martin Milanič: A characterization of claw-free CIS graphs and new results on the order of CIS graphsAlesom Zorzi, Celina de Figueiredo, Raphael Machado and Uéverton S. Souza: Even-power of cycles with many vertices are Type 1 total colorable
9:55-10:20Fabricio Kolberg, André Guedes and Marina Groshaus: Subclasses of Circular-Arc Bigraphs: Helly, Normal and ProperAnderson G. da Silva, Simone Dantas and Diana Sasaki: Equitable total chromatic number of $K_{r\times p}$ for $p$ even
10:20-10:45Pablo De Caria: Families of induced trees and their intersection graphsCarlos Hoppen and Hanno Lefmann: Remarks on an edge-coloring problem
11:00-12:00Fabio Protti - Chair: Carlos Ferreira
12:00-12:30Free time